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Dodging Missiles
When you see the MISSILE LOCK message, use your reverse view to see just how close it is. Jump off your snowmobile before it hits, and you will hang onto all of your Cards!
Using Dynamite
Watch your radar! The best time to drop dynamite from your Sled is when someone is directly behind you! Dynamite can also be thrown like a snowball when on foot. Great for defending a finish area if you don't want anyone else to cross.
Effective Spellcasting
Be patient and choose wisely. The CARD SEEKER attempts to grab a half-dozen of the nearest cards, Radar INTERRUPTUS makes it difficult for other Riders to find cards or the finish area, and CTHUNDHEIT uses the wrath of a giant interdimesional deity to stop opponents in their tracks.
Collecting Upgrades
Uprades make your Sled faster, tougher and deadlier. Upgrades will stay on your snowmobile for the next round ONLY if you're still sitting on it at the end of the current round! Remember that other Riders may try to take your Super-Sled away from you when the next Run starts, so keep your wits about you.
If you have attained the After-Burners Upgrade for your sled AND have some Turbo fuel left, you can fly! To achieve this, use the Burst to get slightly airborn, and then repeatedly TAP the turbo button. Your sled will stay airborne; flying in whatever direction you happen to be facing! This can be a very useful technique; well worth mastering.
Bear Baiting
Luring hungry Bears to a populated area is a good way to suprise other Riders. Shoot the bear to get it's attention; then stay just out of reach until you bring it to the desired location. Bears always try to attack the nearest Rider, so be careful.
A Safe Bet
If you have picked up the Poker Chips during a round, and no one has bumped, DON'T FOLD; your initial bet is covered! No matter how bad your hand is, you will not lose any money unless someone bumps. And there is always a chance that you may win with your "bad" hand.
Teleporters are a great way to lose your pursuers. The more distance you put between you and them, the better your chances of getting away. It is even possible to out-run Cthundheit, if you have plenty of Turbo and there is an active Teleporter nearby. Make sure you do not accidentally walk through a teleporter without your snowmobile, or you will have a long, LONG walk ahead of you.
Advanced Techniques
Check out the Design team's Favorite Strategies!

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