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Arctic Stud Online Tournaments
(Open Event…Sponsored by the Hazelhurst Ice Hogs)

This is the most straightforward course, in every sense of the word. The Event consists of fourteen “upriver” Runs from the Hazelhurst Marina to a point just north of the Awfolich Industries distribution center.

Cards are plentiful and the Finish line is easy to find…. making this the perfect course for Novice Players to learn the basics.

(Stud Event…Sponsored by White Castle Hamburgers)

This Event introduces players to the challenges of cross-country racing. The Event consists of fourteen Runs from a single start location to a variety of finish locations in the parking lots of prominent Boskeydell area sponsors.

Arctic In Darkness
(Stud Event…Sponsored by the Hassayampan Tourism Board)

This optional Midnight Run places greater emphasis on the use of stealth to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Limited night vision and the effects of "toxic sludge" play a large part in these Runs.

Players are given an opportunity to explore the advantages of using heat-seeking guided missiles.

Bear-Dump Blacktop
(Stud Event…Sponsored by the Hassayampan Tourism Board)

WARNING: This "All-Night" Event was officially stopped years ago due to the number of incidents involving Ill-tempered Bears. Riders without adequate health insurance are urged not to participate.

(Stud Event…Sponsored by the Dire Wolf Gun Club)

Navigation skills enter into play in and around this historic mining town, since each of the fourteen Runs that comprise this event begins and ends in the parking lot of a different Makanda Area sponsor.

Riders are urged to exercise caution when exploring abandoned Mine Shafts. It is rumored that it is possible to "teleport" from one place to another through the use of certain ancient ruins.

(Stud Event…Sponsored by the Porcupine Pub Darters)

The Porcupine Mountain "Mystery Runs" feature finish areas which are undisclosed at the start of each Run, so Players don’t know where they’re going until after they’ve picked up five cards.

The Porcupine Mountain sponsors for this event pride themselves on the difficult, and often treacherous, course conditions inherent in this rugged mile-high course. These Runs are also the first to use Wild Cards.

Blindman's Bluff
(Blind Event…Sponsored by the I Phelta Thi chapter at Arcatonic University)

In this Event, Players can’t see the faces of any of their opponent’s cards…. and the seemingly perpetual blizzard that screams through these fjords makes it difficult to see anything at all. A nearby University campus is usually open to provide respite from the wind and snow, due to the efforts of the Frat house that sponsors this Event.

Expect to see Spellcasting playing a greater part in this contest this year, since the rules against demonic interference have been set aside.

Evilbrau Brewery
(Blind Event…Sponsored by Lodge #143 of the Mystic Order of the Velcronomicon )

The Hassayampa River Run is seldom won by anyone other than an Evilbrau Employee. Not surprising, since much of this final part of the course is on corporate property. It’s almost as if employees have a “home field advantage” …since they always seem to know just where to look for the cards they need.

Player will have to use every skill, strategy and weapon they’ve acquired along the river if they hope to take home the Grand Prize!

Dagonaway Bay
(Mixed Event…Sponsored by The Mystic Order Lodge)

Warmer temperatures and open water, caused by volcanic activity here at the headwaters of the Hassayampa, make this a particularly hazardous and unpredictable series of Runs.

All Players' Cards are displayed Face Up at the top of the screen beneath their names. Being able to see everyone else's cards makes it more difficult to "Bluff" …and therefore most veteran Riders consider it a game for beginners.
All Players' Cards are displayed 3 Up - 2 Down at the top of the screen beneath their names. This peek into the hands of other players is the preferred method of play for most Riders… since it allows players to "Bluff" other Players.
All Players' Cards are displayed Face Down at the top of the screen beneath their names. This version is not for those who take a lighthearted approach to competition.
When this game mode is enabled, players must keep their cash above zero, or they are eliminated. Each round the initial bet increases by $50, and the lowest ranked player who is still positive has the option to go "All In". The bump also increases by $50 each round. Any of the above three game modes can be used in tournament mode.

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