The Objective
Players find, grab and/or steal the best possible 5-Card poker Hand and Race to the Finish line. Remaining players have 90 seconds after the first person finishes to cross with their best 5-Card Hand; …though they often have the added challenge of trying to get past those who have already finished.

Winning The Game
The Player holding the Best 5-Card poker Hand when the Countdown Clock runs out wins all of the money!

The Countdown Clock
After the First Player crosses into the Finish Area, players are informed that there is only "90 Seconds Left."

Locking Your Hand
A Player's Hand is automatically "locked" as soon as the character crosses into the Finish Area. You cannot discard, swap, or lose cards while your hand is locked.

Folding Your Hand
Players who think that they have a losing hand may "Fold" after they cross into the Finish Area to minimize their losses. Note that you must Finish before you can Fold; however, you may still "Bump" if you decide to change your mind. To Fold: press the End Key

Bumping The Bet
Players who think that they have a winning hand may "Bump the Bet" at any time. Bumping the Bet causes ALL Players' Bets to increase. Once you Bump the Bet, you cannot Fold. To Bump: press the Alt Key

Un-Locking Your Hand
Bumping the Bet after crossing the Finish Line "unlocks" your Hand… enabling you to discard, swap, or lose cards. However, unlocking your Hand also makes you vulnerable to attack.

Players who wish to throw away ALL of their cards may do so at any time before crossing the Finish line. To Discard, Hit the X key or the NumPad1 key.

Picking Up Stuff
Players simply have to drive or run into Cards, Weapons, Turbo Items or Food Items to pick them up. Walking up to an unoccupied Sled will cause you to take control of it.

Auto Card-Swap
If the player already has 5 Cards, the Card-Swap feature will automatically Pick-Up any single Card that bumps the player to a Higher-Ranked Hand (i.e., Two Pair or Better).

Snowballs = Extended Reach
While off-sled, players can use Snowballs to Grab difficult-to-reach Cards and smaller items. In addition, a snowball barrage can be used to free a sled that's stuck in a snowdrift.

Players who wish to inflict damage to another Player's Character or Vehicle may do so by pressing the Left Mouse Button. To Shoot, Throw or Punch: press the Left Mouse Button

Stealing Cards
Players who inflict enough damage to another Player's Character or Vehicle may cause that Player to lose all of their Cards. Cards that are scattered in this manner may be picked up normally by any player.

High Speed - Turbo Mode
Players that have a supply of Fuel or Stamina may dramatically increase their speed by kicking into Turbo Mode. To use Turbo: press and HOLD the Right Mouse Button.

Auto Replenish
Turbo Power will automatically increase anytime a sled remains motionless for more than a few seconds. In addition, a Rider who stands still will regain Stamina and Snowballs.

Telephoto View
Players trying to get a better look at distant Cards may "Zoom In" for a closer look. To Zoom In: press and HOLD the Middle Mouse Button.

It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over
Players who cross the Finish Line may try and stop others from crossing, stock-up on weapons, vehicle upgrades or turbo items, or just ride around and explore.

Players may exact revenge against a certain nemesis by "Putting a Bounty on Their Head". In effect, the player is indicating that he will pay a cash reward to any player who causes the object of his ire to lose their cards. If the person with a Bounty on their Head gets to the Finish Line unscathed, that person gets the cash! To put a Bounty on someone, Press the B key, followed by the Player Number.

Number of Cards Dealt
The Game shuffles a deck of 52 cards… and randomly Deals 30 Cards around the landscape at the start of the Game. Five more Cards are dealt when the countdown clock begins.

Big Hand Possible
Before each Run starts, the "Big Hand Possible" feature tells players what Big Hands (Royal Flushes, Four-of-a-Kinds, etc.) are possible in the upcoming race, if any.

"Dealer's Choice"
If this Multiplayer Option is enabled, Race Winners may alter the location, game or parameters of the upcoming Event.

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