Where Can I Go To See ARCTIC STUD In Action?
You can visit our Media Page to view the Game Trailer, watch the Music Video, read the exhaustingly detailed "Survival Guide" or simply browse dozens of Gameplay Screenshots. Better still, you can simply Download our "FREE DEMO" of the game and jump right into the action!"

Is ARCTIC STUD in Stores Yet?
Yes! The ARCTIC STUD Boxed Version is currently available at major software retailers throughout North America. If your local retailer is sold out, you can visit the Got Game Entertainment website and order the Boxed Version from them directly. ...OR, you can visit the Game Refuge Online Store and purchase a Software Key which "unlocks" your previously downloaded and turns it into a Full Featured version of the game. ...OR, you can WIN Full-Featured Games, Soundtrack CDs, Software Keys and more by simply playing one of several Prize Tournaments held several times a week! (See our Tournament Event Forum for more information.)

What do the Critics Say about the Game?
"Great Video Game" ..."Action-Packed" ..."Original" ..."Addictive" ..."Stimulating" ..."Complete Chaos" ..."CRAZY amounts of Fun" - You can find links to the entire articles and even more reviews by visiting our News & Reviews Page!

Where can I find Tricks, Secrets or Cheats?
(...If we told you, then they wouldn't be Secrets....)
Having said that, all of the game design team's favorite Hints, Tips and Strategies can be found here. Also, if you're one of those folks who actually Reads a game manual, you should definitely check out the Arctic Stud Survival Guide!

Can I Join a Game thats already In-Progress?
Yes! If you join a game-in-progress you will enter that game as a "Spectator" until a slot becomes available; usually in 2 minutes or less. ("Bots" are automatically kicked out to make room for new Players) While in Spectator mode you can use your mouse to move your camera view; and a click of the mouse will switch between Riders. You can use the "Talk" command in Spectator mode to let players know that you're about to join the race! You can even BET on the player you think will Win the Run by pressing "b"+ the player number.

Can I Upgrade a from previous Version?
Yes! Simply un-install the old version and download and install the newer vesion.
(You won't need to re-purchase or re-enter your "Unlock key" ...the game will automatically be unlocked.)

What is "Cash-Based Scoring"?
Cash-based scoring means that in a multiplayer game, all the money you win or lose comes from other Riders, and your final ranking is based only on the amount of cash won or cash lost. This makes the game ideal for LAN parties or cash-prize tournaments! Visit our Events Page for more information about playing for cash and prizes.

How Do I Add "Bots"?
Once your multiplayer server has started, simply press "CTRL+Z" to add a bot. When the appropriate number of riders is reached, the game will automatically start. NOTE that if a human player tries to join the game,a bot will be kicked out at the end of the current round to make room for the human player.

Can I use a Gamepad?
In addition to the normal keyboard and mouse, the game supports a USB XBOX-360 style controller by default. Moreover, ASPR version 2.0 or higher can be configured to use just about anything.

Is "Evilbrau" a real beer...?
If so, where can I get it?
In the mid-seventies, a small local brewery in Makanda, Illinois, made national headlines when it was discovered that the product was made using un-potable water from nearby Devil's Kitchen Lake. Cans are highly sought by collectors; one recently sold on e-Bay for over $6,000 dollars.

I have an older DEMO; can I still Unlock it...?
Of course. A Software Key from the Game Refuge Online Store. will unlock ANY & ALL versions of the game downloaded from this site.



What are the Minimum System Requirements For This Game?

  • OS: Windows 2000/XP
  • Processor: 1.8GHz
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Sound: DirectX Compatible
  • Videocard: nVidia GeForce 5 series or equivalent
  • 3-Button Scrollwheel Mouse
  • Internet Access (for multiplayer)
  • OS: Windows 2000/XP *
  • Processor: 2.8GHz (or equivalent)
  • RAM: 768MB *
  • Sound: DirectX Compatible
  • Videocard: nVidia GeForce 6600GT series or equivalent
  • 3-Button Scrollwheel Mouse
  • Broadband Internet Access (for multiplayer)

How Do I Join A Server?
1. To join an internet game, click on "Join Game" and then click "Search Web". This will give you a list of available internet games for you to join. After you type in your player name, you can select any of the games available and click on "Join Multiplayer Game".

2. To join a LAN game (a game being hosted on your own personal network) follow the same steps as #1, except click on "Search Lan" instead of "Search Web".

Can I Join A Game That Has Already Started?
Yes! Arctic Stud lets you join in anytime! Note that if the Current Run has the maximum number of players, you will be put in "Spectator Mode" until the next Run. You can use the "Talk" command in Spectator mode to let players know that you're about to join the race!

Can I Host My Own Server?
Yes! Simply click on "Start Game", set whatever options you wish, and type a name for your player and for the server. TIP: Its often a good idea to include a "Start Time" in the name of your server if you want your friends to know when to join. More information on server settings can be found below.

Can I Specify Whether to Host an Internet or LAN Game?
1. This depends on your router and firewall setup. If your router and firewall have the port open (28000 by default), then your game will be both an an internet game and a LAN game. If this port is closed, it will be a LAN game only. .

2.If you want to leave this port open but only want your friends to join your server, just use a password to prevent others from joining.

How Do I Need To Configure My Computer to Run As An Internet Server?
1.Windows Firewall may block your server from showing up by default. In order for your server to be visible, you must either disable the Windows Firewall temporarily, or allow an �exception� for this game. To do so, click on Start > Settings > Control Panel. Next, double click on Windows Firewall. You can either turn it completely off by selecting �Off� near the bottom and then �OK�, or allow an exception by selecting the �Exceptions� tab on the top. Adding an exception is much safer than completely disabling the firewall. After selecting the �Exceptions� tab, select �Add Port�. For the name, type in �Arctic Stud�, and for the Port number type in �28000�. Underneath that, change the selection from TCP to UDP and hit ok. Hit ok again to close the firewall dialog box and you are done.

2. If you are running Norton Systemworks, Norton Antivirus, (or any other Norton product), McAfee Firewall, or McAfee Antivirus, (or any other McAfee product), or any similar type of product, these applications will prompt you that a program is trying to access the internet when you start a server. Select �permit� or �allow� and this setting should be saved permanently and not ask you again. If you are still having no luck and are running a Norton product, proceed to #3.

3. If you have Norton System works or Norton Antivirus installed on your computer, you MUST disable Internet Worm Protection EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE NORTON RUNNING in order for your server to show up. You can do so by going to Options (up at the top)> Norton Antivirus, on the left-hand side click on �Internet Worm Protection�, and then un-check the checkbox for �Enable Internet Worm Protection�. Click OK at the bottom of the page. It will ask you how long you would like to disable this feature. Either select �permanently� or �until system restart�. If you select �until system restart�, you must repeat this process to host another server the next time you restart your computer. Just disabling auto-protect will not do it. You must manually disable the worm protection!

4. Arctic Stud uses port 28000 (UDP). For some routers, you must open this port and/or instruct this port to forward all incoming requests to your IP address. Please consult your router's documentation for instructions on how to enable port-forwarding. If you are not using a router, then this step is not needed.

Can I Set up as a "Dedicated" Server?
Yes! To setup a dedicated server simply go to "Game Options", click on the network button, and check the "Dedicated Server" checkbox. You can use whatever port you wish, port 28000 (udp) is default. For increased performance, you may want to change your audio driver to "none" when running a dedicated server, &/or lower your "Model Detail". Then simply go to "Start Game" and start the game. Your screen will show you as a "spectator" when the game starts. NOTE that a Dedicated Server will not Start the Race until the max player number is reached, but any player can Start the Race or add BOTS remotely. NOTE that you cannot play the game while running as a Dedicated Server.

I have a high-powered system; what can I do to Enhance the Appearance of the game?

1. Make sure you are using the most up to date video driver for your specific videocard.

2.Under "Game Options" make sure the bit depth is set at 32.

3. Under game options, you may want to try increasing the screen resolution.

4. Within Windows, you can manually configure your graphics card to have Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering enabled. (may decrease system performance)

5. NOTE: There is a known issue when using an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core processor which causes the graphics to appear as though they are �jittery� or �moving too fast�. To CORRECT this problem, download the AMD Dual-Core Optimizer.

*6. NOTE: Some WINDOWS VISTA users have reported that their configurations may require up to 4 times as much memory (2 Gigs) to run the game!

I have an older system; what can I do to Improve the Speed of the game?

1.Make sure you have no other programs running in the background.

2. Under "Game Options" turn the resolution down to 800x600 & the bit depth down to 16.

3. By default, the visible distance and model detail are at full quality. You can easily adjust these by sliding the slider bars.

4. Uncheck the "Snow Effects" option box under "Game options".

5. In your videocard settings within Windows, make sure Anti-Aliasing is set to "application controlled".

6. In your videocard settings within Windows, please make sure that Anisotropic Filtering is set to "application controlled".


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