Heat Seeking Missiles (HSMs)
HSMs automatically target the nearest mechanical heat source. Though HSMs don't target players on foot, "splash damage" can still be quite deadly. The "Missile Lock Indicator" tells the player how many missiles are heading his way; more than two is a very bad thing.
Some enterprising fan has hidden TNT all around the course in the guise of an innocent-looking Snowman. TNT can be dropped from a moving Sled or tossed like a Snowball.
Toxic Sludge
Jars of Toxic Sludge temporarily turn characters invisible.
The various food items scattered amongst the landscape will refill your stamina when on foot. Stamina helps you run faster, and endure more snowballs before falling down.
Turbo Fuel
Picking up either the gas tank or the gas pump will refill your turbo meter.

Watch out, both of these items will explode if shot!

Propane Tank
Running into one of these will send a player flying high into the sky. Sometimes this technique can be used to attain otherwise inaccessible items. However, damage is sustained from the explosion, so make sure you have full health before attempting it!
Jokers automatically change to give a better hand.
Poker Chips
Floating Poker Chips "cover" the Player's initial bet. (i.e. If no one "Bumps", the player loses nothing)
Vehicle Upgrades
Wooden crates may be found that contain either Dual Chain-guns, Snowplow Armor or a Turbo Afterburner. These Upgrades remain on the Sled from Run to Run if the Sled is occupied at the End of a Run.
The Fishormen (sp?) of Finnsmouth Bay have convinced the rules committee that Spellcasting belongs in the Game. A variety of unique and disturbing Spells will become available to any player who picks up a copy of the dreaded Velcronomicon. Players must be Standing to cast Spells.

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