Game Refuge
Founded in 1992 by a couple of successful "videogame veterans" seeking new creative challenges, GAME REFUGE continues to effectively implement proven arcade design techniques to a wide variety of electronic entertainment products.

The founders of GAME REFUGE, Brian Colin and Jeff Nauman, have been designing and developing hit video games since 1981. Though their individual and combined game credits include some of the most popular, highest earning and best selling games in video game history, (i.e., RAMPAGE, XENOPHOBE, ARCH RIVALS, PIGSKIN, GENERAL CHAOS, RAMPAGE WORLD TOUR, STAR TREK VOYAGER, and dozens more...), their ability to unfailingly deliver those games on (or ahead of) schedule is unsurpassed; ...and indicative of their commitment to their craft.

In fact, it's nearly impossible to stop in an Arcade, Entertainment Center, Retail Store, Local Tavern or International Casino and not stumble across a Video Game designed by GAME REFUGE designers. For more information about any of the over 90 video game titles they've created along the way, click the aptly-named "Along The Way" button in the collumn on your left.

For a brief glimpse into our world as seen through the eyes of WGN Televison reporter Steve Saunders, click on the Play button below...

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