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This spring, for obvious reasons*, we are Spotlighting the long-awaited release of the RAMPAGE MOVIE; starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Naomie Harris!

* Probably the best-known and best-loved games created by Game Refuge founders Brian Colin and Jeff Nauman during their days at Bally/Midway, RAMPAGE almost didn't get produced! Brian's original concept & design "broke all the rules" and met with considerable resistance from management. (ie, "...You can't make the Player the BAD guy!", "...You can't EAT people!" "...Nothing like this has ever been done before!"). But Brian wouldn't take "No" for an answer, and convinced Bally Midway president Maury Ferchen to give it a chance. The rest, as they say, is history. ...RAMPAGE was an instant hit with players, broke all previous arcade earnings records, and has been ported to virtually every home console sytem ever made!

This feature-length interactive horror film/game was written and directed by Game Refuge designer Brian Colin for use in an ambitious Laserdisc Arcade Project in the mid-1980's. However, the project was abandoned shortly after the film's completion.

"Three decades later during a conversation with Galloping Ghost Arcade owner Doc Mack, Brian mentioned that he still had the original film languishing in his basement. Doc, whose world-famous arcade is well-known for having rare and one-of-a-kind arcade games, proposed bringing the long-dead project back to life! Game Refuge developers jumped at the chance to resurrect the project and, at long last, players are solving the myriad mysteries that dwell within this low-budget, laugh-filled, 'Lost Laserdisc Game' ... THE SPECTRE FILES: DEATHSTALKER."

Possibly the wildest vehicular battlegame ever conceived, Arctic Stud Poker Run is a hilarious "Full-Contact Poker" Challenge that must be seen to be believed! More than just an entertaining, action-packed free-for-all; a single play reveals an "...intensely addictive, mentally stimulating thrill ride full of limitless strategy, nuance and depth".
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For those who feel that they absolutely need to know the really essential, downright trivial details about the creation of classic arcade games like RAMPAGE, XENOPHOBE, SPY HUNTER and others, checkout retroGAMER magazine for some in-depth interviews with Game Refuge designer/artist/animator Brian Colin. This slick, oversized British magazine is available in the U.S. at most of the bigger bookstore chains (Borders, Barnes & Noble, etc.)
There are a few remaining RAMPAGE FILM CREW SHIRTS left, available only for a Limited Time! ...
CLASSIC ARCADE GAME "DEV TEAM" MEMORABILIA now available direct from the designers!
Over the years, whenever we worked on a new Game, we also created promotional stuff to go with it; Shirts, Jerseys, Hats, Mugs, Frisbees... if we could wear it, play with it or drink from it, we slapped a logo on it and gave it away to fans, friends & family! As you might expect, folks have been begging us to re-issue them for years! (some of those shirts are getting pretty threadbare). So, at long last, we are making a number of our "Development-Team-Only" designs available to hard-core joystick junkies and avid arcade admirers alike!

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